20V Cordless 2-in-1 leaf blower/Vacuum (110MPH/130CFM), 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery and Charger

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20V Cordless 2-in-1 leaf blower/Vacuum (110MPH/130CFM), 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery and Charger


  • Blow/Vacuum Mode Switch

    "Blow Mode"-Align the knob to the same direction of the tubes and assemble the lower tube with “blow” side up ; "Vac Mode"-Rotate the knob by 90° and assemble the lower tube with "vac" side up.

  • Two Speed Choices

    The battery leaf blower/vacuum has 2 speeds to choose. Pos 1 is good for light work task, like cleaning dust, hair and crumbled cookies. Pos 2 is suitable for blowing leaves and vacuuming dust in broad area.

  • Excellent Ultra-Light Body

    SnapFresh cordless leaf blower/vacuum weights only 2.86 lbs. You can easily handle it with one hand and use it for a long time. The elder/women/teenager can also easily operate this vacuum/blower.

  • Reusable Collection Bag with Zipper

    SnapFresh cordless leaf blower/ vacuum provides a waterproof and reusable trash collection bag.There is a zipper at the bottom of the bag and it's convenient for you to dump the trash.


How can I know if the battery is charging?

Please note that the LED lights on the charger indicate the status of battery charging. When the red light on, it means the battery is charging. When the green light on, it means the battery is full-charged.

How to choose the two modes?

This electric leaf blower has the second mode run up to 110 MPH and also has a 60 MPH gentle mode. We recommend cleaning the debris and dust in hard-to-clean gaps under the gentle mode. And the second mode provides stronger wind and meets various cleaning needs, such as lawn care, leaves blowing, and snow sweeping.

How long can the battery last while working?

This SnapFresh cordless leaf blower/vacuum is equipped with high performance 4.0Ah Lion-ion battery.It can be used for approximately 40-45 min at low speed and 25 min at high speed. You can observe the charging status and battery level through the power indicator at any time.

How long is the battery charging time?

It takes two hours for fully charging.

Can I use the blower for snow blowing?

Yes.This battery powered blower has a strong wind and wide opening vent with the lower tube. For best result, it's better to blow light and puffy snow.


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