20V Lithium-ion Battery Pack

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20V Lithium-ion Battery Pack


How can I know if the battery is charging?

Please note that the LED lights on the charger indicate the status of battery charging. When the red light on, it means the battery is charging. When the green light on, it means the battery is full-charged.

Do I need to let these batteries completely discharge? Will it be helpful to extend the battery life?

You don’t need to run out of battery after use as lithium battery has no memory effect. We recommend fully charging the batteries if you don't use the them and want to store for a while. It will be helpful for batteries' health.

Is it fast charging? How long is the charging time?

Yes.It will take one hour to fully charge 2.0 Ah battery and two hours for 4.0 Ah battery.

How long can the battery last while working?

Snapfresh batteries can support a long lasting time. The actual usage time will vary depending on the different tools and the mode of operation. For SnapFresh cordless leaf blower, the 2.0 Ah battery can last 15 min for high-speed mode and 25 min for low-speed mode. If you choose a 4.0 Ah battery, it will be 25 min for high-speed mode and 45 min for low-speed mode. You can observe the charging status and battery level through the power indicator lights at any time.


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